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An Indian Kitchen for All!

Bharatiya Rasoi Sabke Liye

An Indian Kitchen for All!


Indian Cooking is an art of playing with different spices and herbs to enrich the flavours without sacrifice on health. Each spice that is added to an Indian dish has a reason and not just the taste but once they are mixed then the best of two worlds (taste and health) can be achieved. This is where our Chef "Himani Sakhuja" will lead a journey to make you know the art of "How to Cook" the best Indian vegetarian and vegan food at home!

Vada Pav & Chutney

Satvik Bhojan (Plant-based dietary)


Satvik Bhojan (Vegetarian / Vegan diet) is meant to include a diet which is pure, essential, natural and vital source of energy for a human body. This practice illustrate non-violence or not causing harm to other living beings. India has been following this practice over centuries and now, it's time to share this dietary secret on how plant based diet can cover our essential nutrients.

What is the Secret of Indian Food?



The answer to this question is simple!


A study was conducted in 2015 where data scientists have crunched data on 2,500 recipes to find "Why Indian Food is so unique and delicious?". The study suggested that the uniqueness of Indian dishes comes from the use of different ingredients and on average, each Indian dish has at least 7 ingredients in it. It was also discovered that Indian cuisine uses over 200 ingredients and that's what makes it unique and delicious.

The real secret is not to only know the ingredients but how much and where to use it, is the right answer!

Chole Poori & Suji Halwa

Daal Chawal

Daal Chawal

Gajar Ka Halwa

Is Indian Food is about taste or health?



Many people are attached to Indian food because of aromas and the taste but Indian food is a blend of healthy diet combined with the taste. Each spice and the herb that we pick for Indian cooking has a reason to have a positive impact on health which can either be digestive or preventive against the odds. "Sanjha Rasoi" (our kitchen) makes sure that fresh ingredients are picked to make the experience healthier and tasty!

Your Words (Aapke Shabd)

Straight From Our Rasoi (Kitchen)

We present the gallery straight from our Rasoi (Kitchen) and the dishes which we had prepared with our members! Would you like to cook and taste these Indian Veggie and Vegan dishes? Then JOIN us!

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