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We present the gallery straight from our Rasoi (Kitchen) and the dishes which we had prepared with our members! Would you like to cook and taste these Indian Veggie and Vegan dishes? Then JOIN us!

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Our Services!

Offering varied services under our Sanjha Rasoi umbrella

Live Cooking

TAB - Take Away Box

Good News: Our Live Cooking sessions are BACK but as a part of COVID measures we will keep safety measures as our top priority.

This service allows us to host you in our kitchen (India's heart) to cook an Indian dish together using fresh ingredients. During the course of session time, each member will be participating in preparing ingredients (cutting, chopping, grinding etc.) and masala for the dish. Every cooking step gets delivered in a detailed manner to make the session not just cooking but an experience for you. Indian cooking involves time-consuming preparation methods which ensure that the food is properly cooked and the herbs are blended within the dish. Once the dish is prepared, we will sit together, taste the dish and get more socialized. Finally, you will not go empty hand: a takeaway box will be given along with and the recipe will be sent through email.

A box of happiness at your service! We prepare fresh and homemade takeaway meals in a traditional Indian style. So what is exactly "Traditional Indian Style"? Traditionally, it is believed that food must be prepared slowly to let each herb/ingredient gets fully blended in the dish, this makes a dish must healthier, easily digestible, and flavorful. Every dish that we prepare is considered as a daily Indian meal which means no fast cooking / no unhealthy dish / no oily. 


Note: Join us on WhatsApp to receive the weekly menu for our TAB service and also, each TAB day we limit to a max. 6 boxes because we believe in Quality and not quantity.

Are you trying our service for the 1st time? And are you afraid of Indian food (spices)? Don't worry, we have gathered enough experience (thanks to the Brussels International community) to let us prepare the dish hotness at a European level.

Group Cooking

Do you like cooking food in a group with your friends or family? Then this is the type of service you need to select where you can invite your friends or family to be a part of our cooking lesson which will also give us a chance to socialize while being at home (Just Kidding). With this option, you can customize the session such as type of dish, dinner after a lesson, or takeaways. Additionally, you can enjoy the customized pricing discounts with this group cooking.


Note: Currently, we have a limitation on accommodation of no more than 5 members in a group. However, if you feel that more members can accommodate at your location then the next type of service is for you.

Cooking At YOUR Place

Are you a large group and want to organize a Vegetarian Indian dinner at your place? Then you have selected the right service to organize fresh homemade cooking at your place. You can choose this service for organizing birthdays, anniversaries or just want to have party occasions. With this option, you can again customize (similar to Group Cooking) the session such as type of dishes, dinner or takeaways. Additionally, you can enjoy the customized pricing discounts with this type of service.


Note: This service can also be converted to food catering where we can prepare Indian food for you and you just need to pick it up.

Straight From Our Rasoi (Kitchen)

Price (Per Member)

Single Session - € 18 / Special Session - € 24
6 sessions (10 % discount):
€ 97 (Effective € 16,17 per session - excluding special sessions) - Valid for 4 months
12 sessions (20 % discount): € 172 (Effective € 14,33 per session - excluding special sessions) - Valid for 8 months

Note: A single session includes cooking one main Indian dish whereas a special session includes a complete Indian meal.

Get a takeaway box for what we cook together.

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TAB Pricing

TAB 1 (Light): € 6 (Light meal for an Individual member)
TAB 2 (Medium): € 8 (1 or 2 members - Equal to 2 Light Meals)
TAB 3 (Heavy): € 14 (2 to 3 members - Equal to 2 Medium Meals)

Note: As we prepare the food with fresh ingredients and therefore, we need an RSVP at least 1 day before the TAB day.

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