Sanjha Rasoi

Jaane Hamare Baare Mei

To Know About Us!

Jaane Hamare Baare Mei

To Know About Us!

Who are We?


We are a startup business in Brussels to find a hidden chef inside you. It only requires 21 days to build a habit, so try cooking with us, if you haven't. Maybe you are the next Indian classic chef.

Why Vegetarian and Vegan Food?


Should we blame our roots or ethical practice? Well, our ethics and principals allow us to cook only plant-based meals. And who says plant-based diets has less nutrients or less cooking options.

Other services that we offer?


Yes, we do have other services within our portfolio such as:

  • TAB (take away box) service - Fresh homemade Indian meal boxes
  • Birthday/Parties - Live cooking on-premise for your family and friends.
  • Online Cooking (On-Demand) - If you are not in Brussels but want to learn Indian cuisine then we can help you. 

Meet Our Chef

Himani Sakhuja

Himani Sakhuja

What is Sanjha Rasoi?


"Sanjha Rasoi" can be translated as "A Kitchen for all". "Sanjha" means "together/shared" and "Rasoi" means "Kitchen". In our Rasoi, we let you bring the authenticity of Indian spices (masala) in your meals.

About Our Chef!


A passionate chef to spread the love of Indian flavours around the food lovers. An experienced professional who started cooking at the age of 17 and enhanced her skills over the period of time. She Believes: Cooking is an art and everyone can be the best if you have faith in this art.

When did we start?


It all started with a word of mouth in Brussels of our chef's cooking skills in December 2018 which gave birth to "Sanjha Rasoi" in January 2019. Thanks to all our friends for their support.

अहं वैश्वानरो भूत्वा प्राणिनां देहमाश्रितः ।
प्राणापान समायुक्तः पचाम्यन्नं चतुर्विधं ।।


Aham Vaishvanaro Bhutva, Praninaam Dehamaashritaha, Pranapana Samayuktah, Pachaamyannam Chaturvidham


Translation: Becoming the life-fire in the bodies of living beings mingling with the subtle breaths,
I digest the four kinds (Fat, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Alcohol) of food.